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Our company aims to prevent fires first with the fire extinguishing systems it serves. It prevents the subsequent fires from growing and spreading. NOFIRE, aims to protect the safety of people and property as vision and mission; foggy extinguishing systems, aqueous extinguishing systems, carbon dioxide extinguishing systems, foam extinguishing systems and powdered extinguishing systems.


We provide services to our customers about the causes of fires, arranging scenarios related to fires, choosing the appropriate system for possible fires and taking precautions against fires. This service; We are based on international standards and provide consultancy services in this way.


We design fire protection systems with our professional and expert engineers using current account and software security. We continue our project works in accordance with international fire standards.

Material Supply

All equipment required for fire protection systems; our country's leading and high-tech international companies are provided. In this way, none of our systems suffered from a malfunction and equipment problem. You prefer the fire extinguishing systems that are built in quality and safety.

Application and Installation

The fire extinguishing system is assembled by our expert planning team. Then, our engineers conduct various tests and check the planning accuracy. Test tests are performed by our engineers and function tests have been done. After these tests, we deliver the system in operation.


We supply quality materials and deliver expert planning, planning and extinguishing systems to turnkey users. So with the service you will get from our company, you will not interfere with any work and we design and make the system turn-key from start to end.

Contract Maintenance

Along with the contracted cleaning fire extinguishing system, we also carry out periodic maintenance depending on the contract. In order to be able to work with the same efficiency for many years in the extinguishing and analyzing the fire that occurs in the buildings; We also periodically maintain the computer.

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